Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Duck Down Bedding?

Duck down is the fluffy undercoating that provides warmth for ducks which are 3D clusters of very fine fibres with no quill shaft between them.  This makes them lighter and loftier than feathers, offering a super soft and lightweight feel of duvet.  Duck down is widely recognised as the worlds best insulator as it forms air pockets that keep warmth in and cold air out.  A natural product, down has a great ability to wick away moisture.  It allows water vapour to pass right through it, keeping you comfortable as you sleep without the clamminess that is often felt with synthetic bedding.  


Where is Silver Hill Down Sourced?  

Silver Hill hand rear the world renowned Silver Hill breed of duck which is an exclusive breed of Peking duck and is not to be found anywhere else in the world except Emyvale.  This unique duck is the best feathered duck in the world and produces a pure white down with comparable insulating qualities.  The down is garnered, cleaned and sorted at our Monaghan site where it is also tested to ensure it meets our highest standards of quality before it is filled into our 100% cotton casing.  This casing is mite proof and is filled and stitched with box casing to ensure an even spread of filling.  


How is Silver Hill Down Cleaned?

Our high quality down is carefully washed, rinsed and dried, using machinery at our Emyvale site which has been developed for this specific purpose. Special sanitising processes are used to ensure the down is hypoallergenic.  When this process is complete the finished product has a very high level of cleanliness.  This is guaranteed by Downafresh® Certification which ensures that our down meets the European feather and down hygiene and cleanliness requirements.  Our duvets and pillows are also certified by NOMITE meaning that all our products are suitable for children and adults with allergies to house dust and in actual fact are recommended to people with allergies as down is a natural product.  Our casing is also down proof ensuring that the small down clusters stay inside your duvet. 


Can my Silver Hill Down products be washed? 

Your duvet and pillows can be washed and tumble dried with care.  If cleaning is necessary wash your product using a gentle cycle (Max 40°C), add 3 clean tennis balls to your machine to keep prevent lumps in your duvet/pillows.  Rinse well and dry thoroughly or tumble dry at low temperatures (never hot).  However, we recommend that you use a professional cleaning service for the duvets as domestic washing machines and tumble driers are too small to handle them.