Story of Silver Hill

Silver Hill was established in 1962 by the Steele family in a small border village in the Republic of Ireland called Emyvale. The business is still here over 50 years later and has grown to be the country’s largest producer of both duck and down products.

Silver Hill produce the world renowned Silver Hill breed of duck which is an exclusive breed of Peking duck and is not to be found anywhere else in the world except Emyvale. This unique duck is the best feathered bird in the world and produces a pure white down with incomparable insulating qualities. The world class superiority of our down ensures all our duvet and pillow products create a special sleeping experience for all our customers.

The company is the pioneer in sorting feathers and down on this side of the world. We use state of the art machinery and processes to ensure we produce the finest down quality for your comfort every night. Every duvet and pillow is filled with the sorted down and then hand stitched by our team of seamstresses. For many years the company’s feather and down products were used in the vibrant furniture upholstery business in Co. Monaghan. And now we find that Silver Hill duvets and pillows are the preferred choice of many 5 Star Hotels around the world.

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